Funding of care services

The cost of care is always a consideration but our packages compare favourably to care homes whilst ensuring our clients' needs are fully met. Home care services also provides a significant benefit by allowing clients to live in their own homes for as long as possible.

What does home care cost?
Each care package is tailored to meet an individuals requirements, naturally it affects the cost but we will be happy to discuss any potential home care packages you have in mind. Our care is completely flexible and can be adjusted as the needs of the client change.

For guidance, our Personal Care prices start at £11 for a half an hour visit. Overnight care starts at £140.

Funding for home care services
There is a wide range of support available and you may be entitled to allowances which help meet your needs, although many of these are means-tested.

Care assessments
You can get in touch with your local council's adult social services department and explain you need some help and ask for a care assessment. They will complete a review of the help you need and a means-test. You are entitled to have an assessment and there's no charge either.

All social services departments have different budgets available and there are minimum requirements which they are obliged to offer. You may be asked to contribute to those costs.

Personal budgets
The Government has introduced personal budgets which give service users greater choice and control over the support they receive. The plan is designed to help you decide on the right care plan for your circumstances and you will be able to arrange the care they way it suits you best. Assisted Care Solutions can assist you to review the budget allocation and suggest ways of providing the care you need.

Other funding
There are various allowances which may be available to help if you are over 65; Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, and Personal Independence Payment. Depending on the level of care you need, different allowances apply.